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Metal Roofing Facts

Cost Effective

Easy to Install – Most metal roofing materials can be installed over your existing roof, saving you money on labor.

The Last Roof You’ll Need – Metal roofs last a lifetime and come with guarantees.

Tax Credit – When Congress passed the February, 2009 Stimulus Package, both sides of the aisle supported tax breaks for homeowners who made updates to their property with energy efficient products. You can receive as much as $1500 back on a metal roof (We can show you how).


Environmentally Friendly

Energy Efficient – Metal roofs can save a household up to 40% on their heating and cooling. We can help you find the right type of metal roof for your property to maximize your savings.

Keeps Landfills Cleaner – Metal roofs last a lifetime and succeed in severe weather conditions where other roofs fail. Old and damaged asphalt and concrete roofs often end up as trash.

Lightweight Benefits – Every bit helps! Metal roofs average 1.4 pounds per square foot (about 1/6 the weight of other roofing materials). That saves a considerable amount of gas for transportation and eliminates the need for heavy machinery at construction sites.


Durable, Livable, and Attractive

Strong in Any Situation – Won’t break, won’t burn, won’t blow off. A metal roof’s interlocking system makes it resistant to all types of severe weather, rated highest in all fire safety standards of any roofing material, and able to withstand winds as high as 120MPH.

The Look You Want – There is a metal roof that matches your taste and home. Whether you want a stone tile look for your Spanish-style villa, a wood shake look for your Victorian cottage, the traditional shingle look of modern suburbia, or simply the classic New England copper roof; there is a metal roof style that fits the look of your home.

Install and Forget About It – You won’t hear any noise when it rains. Moss, leaves, and debris won’t stain panels and will wash off more easily than any other material. So safe and reliable, the roof will finally be the last thing you think about ever again.


Why We Specialize in Metal Roofing

Roofing for the 21st Century – We have witnessed and studied the evolution of roofing material for over 50 years, and we are so certain that metal roofs (with their environmental and economic benefits) are going to be the material of the 21st century, that we are dedicating our full attention to metal roofs. Other companies are just getting to know metal – we are metal roof specialists.

A Commitment to Neighborhoods – One of the things we most love about metal, as opposed to other roofing materials, is how a metal roof can increase the value of your home. Insurance companies are also wising up to the safety benefits of metal roofing and are beginning to give homeowner’s insurance discounts for metal roofs. In short, we want to make sure the housing market stays strong in your area, and we know for a fact that metal roofs make all the difference.

Let's Work Together

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